O'Sullivan & Associates (OSA) specializes in government relations, public relations, public strategy, lobbying, and grassroots organization.  With almost 40 combined years of first-hand experience working with government officials, community groups, organized labor groups, and the media, O'Sullivan & Associates has developed expertise in creating public strategy and executing strategies successfully.

Organizations needing support from elected officials or approval from government agencies look to OSA to help maneuver through the political maze and elicit support from key leaders.  Businesses needing to publicize their people and products turn to OSA to sharpen thier messages and reach out to the media.  Groups seeking the support of communities and community leaders work with OSA to develop a plan to earn that support.  O'Sullivan & Associates' clients inlcude businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local entreprenuers, from local labor unions to community coalitions, from candidates for President of the United States to candidates for Town Council.

O'Sullivan & Associates recognizes that no group can afford to ignore the battle between perception and reality.  When dealing with the public and its leaders, first impressions are lasting impressions.  That's why groups must be savvy in crafting their messages, targeting the right audiences, and reaching out to important constituencies in the best possible fashion.  That's why people turn to OSA.  OSA knows how to win and has a track record to prove it.