Working with government bodies and elected officials is not simple.  You might be a business needing approval to expand facilities.  You could be an association seeking buy-in from political leaders before launching a campaign.  You may have identified pending legislation or policies that will be extremely helpful or harmful to your group, business, or community, and want to make sure your voice is heard before government decision-makers move forward.  Regardless of your objectives, knowing who to contact, how to be recognized, and how to ensure that your goals and needs are considered is critical to finding success.

This is where O'Sullivan & Associates can help.  We have worked with and campaigned for dozens of elected officials at the federal, state and local levels.  Through our many years of experience working in a wide variety of government offices, we have developed extensive relationships with leaders and staff at all levels of government.  We know how to navigate through bureaucratic red tape.  We know who to call when a crisis surfaces.  We know how to present your issues so that they are received favorably.  We know how to make sure your priorities are considered by the people who matter most.  In short, we know how to help you succeed.

Effective government relations not only makes that realization of your immediate goals more likely, it also establishes a healthy working relationship with a variety of key leaders and agencies that can pay dividends for your organization for many years to come.  O'Sullivan & Associates can help show you the way.

  • Identifying municipal, legislative, and executive branch leaders of importance to your project, group, or business
  • Designing strategic plans to reach out to key government leaders
  • Developing messages and sharpening presentations for government leaders
  • Arranging meeting and implementing strategic government relations plans