With whom you plan to communicate influences what you should communicate and how you should communicate.  OSA will help develop the right message and assist our clients in establishing the necessary relationships with the appropriate public officials and government agencies.  

Whether working behind the scenes to introduce you to key leaders or meeting with these leaders on your behalf, OSA will execute a plan that ensures your point of view is put in front of the people who matter, and that your needs are given fair consideration.  We know how to give your group the best chance to secure the support it needs from government leaders and agencies.  Our services include:

  • Executive Branch/Legislature
  • Filing and Tracking of Legislation
  • Firm understanding of Legislative Procedure and Parliamentary Rules
  • Preparation of Testimony and Strategy for Committee Hearings
  • Identifying Key Players
  • Arranging Meetings with Key Players and Leaders
  • Utilization of our Relationships within Government