Public opinion is being influenced 24 hours a day.  With round-the-clock news coverage and limitless sources of information for the public, you can be certain that the public is developing its opinion of you and your competitors.  Is your group taking the initiative to publicize its strengths and establish its reputation?  Or are you letting the public develop its opinion of you on its own?  Are you prepared to field media inquiries?  If you are about to release a new product or launch a campaign, will the public know?

No organization can afford to sit back and let itself be defined by its rivals or by under-informed media outlets.  Nor can they afford to miss opportunities for positive media coverage.  Businesses and community groups must be proactive in creating their image and publicizing thier products and services.  That is why organizations need professional public relations.

O'Sullivan & Associates has provided multifaceted public relations support to large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, labor unions, government agencies, and elected officials.  We have developed a vast network of contacts at print and broadcast news outlets across Massachusetts through our years of coordinating media relations.  Whether you need help launching a publicity campaign, handling crisis communications, pitching news stories, or creating internal publications, OSA can do the job.

  • Media Strategy
  • Message Development
  • Media Outreach
  • Client Publications
  • Advertising

Some Examples of Our Work:

IBEW Local 103 Quarterly Newsletter