It is amazing how quickly strong public support can place a lofty project on the fast track to success.  And it is alarming how reliably public opposition can cause a worthwhile project to implode.  Similarly, early support from political and community leaders can help circumvent the many obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals, while early opposition from political and community groups undoubtedly raises even more hurdles.  Therefore, understanding the needs and interests of communities and their leaders, and employing a savvy and sensitive approach to your relationships with them, is of the utmost importance to the success of any major public endeavor.

Who are your likely supporters and opponents?  Which officials have the ability to make or break your project?  How can you earn their support?  How do you convince people that your ideas are in their interest?  Which messages are likely to garner the most support?  How do you announce your project?  To what must you commit to be successful?  These are the questions that necessitate well-thought public and political strategies.

O'Sullivan & Associates can create and execute public and political strategies that maximize support from the public and from community leaders.  We have the ability to research public opinon through polling and through community outreach.  We specialize in cultivating grassroots support and forming positive relationships with key political leaders.  Outlining public and political strategies for complex projects and building the tools to succeed is at the heart of what we do at OSA.

  • Community Relations/Grassroots Outreach
  • Generating Grassroots Communications
  • Labor Relations
  • Survey Research